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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Huge Windstorm

I could easily post several hundred pictures, but these are the best of the best. Long story short...we had our last set (water) of the season running on October 9th, but we had been getting a lot of rain and the fields were pretty wet already. So DH turned off the water overnight @ about 7:30 and was going to turn it on the next am. At 11 PM he awoke and remembered he had forgotten to turn off the wier at our old house. So he went and came back adn said that we had 4 wheel lines that were destroyed. The wind had came up out of nowhere. Any lines that were running North/South were safe, but the ones running East/West were gone! We lost 4, my BIL lost 2, neighbors beside us lost 3, and neighbors across from us lost 3. Ours were insured for $4K each. Once the final estimate of repairs came in it was $17500. Well the good old insurance company never wants to pay, even though we are insurance poor (our bill every year is astonishing)! After they have depriciated each wheel line we got $13470. So, I guess I know what Wayne and I will be doing this winter, since there will not be enough to pay Thompson Pump and Irrigation to do it for us :( Good thing we have a pipe press!


At 7:49 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Holy Cow! - well, at least you have lots of other things to be thankful for - despite this misfortune. Hey, I'm trying to be positive. :)


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