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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday's Finds!

Friday was a pretty busy day here for me. I had a non-stress test @ the hospital @ 10 (my normal appts are Tues & Fri @ 10 every wk). The hospital is implementing a new computer system, so the the last few weeks checking in has been a LONG process! It took me 35 minutes Friday, all but 5 minutes of that was wait time! UGGG! So by the time I got out out of the hospital I felt like half of my day had been wasted! Geesh!

Before I went to the hospital I made a 5 minutes stop @ Safeway to get my 1st score. Diapers and some Oreo Snack Stix.

And after I was done @ the hospital I made ANOTHER 5 minute run to Safeway for 2nd score, a few grocery items (I really was gonna get more diapers, but they were out of the size 3 I needed).

***I will list my scores @ the end of the post***

I was supposed to stop by our seed company and pick up a check for wheat that we sold on Tuesday. Duh...totally forgot. Remembered when I was just a few miles from home. I was in such a hurry to get home to relieve Wayne from Gabe so that he could get back to work- that I forgot! Doesn't take much these days I tell ya! LOL! So then I had to back-track all the way back to get the $!

Got home and Wayne had just put Gabe down for a nap. Then he asked if I needed to go to Redmond for anything. Of course I knew what he was getting to. He wanted me to take that money we just got up to pay on our Farm Operating Loan! Little did he know I was going to go on Saturday (today) to get out of the house and pick up the things I needed!

When I got home it was about noon. Gabe was asleep so I left him that way! There is no way you can put that child in the car when he is already sleeping and expect him to stay that way! And I had 6 stops I needed to do while in Redmond. So I left him to nap and got everything ready. I had to do some quick book work and cut the check to take in. Then the matter of making my list of what I needed to do and in what order! LOL! Was trying to make the most of my time the quickest I could cause some little boy I know only has so much patience!

Anyway, I ended up having to wait on Gabe to wake up for quite awhile! But it worked out. We left the house @ 1:45. Drove to McDonald's and got us some lunch, cause neither one of us had eaten. Then on the way to the school to get Sissy, we saw Nana on her way back to work for lunch. Pulled over on the side of the road for a few minutes and chatted. Then onto Sissy! He was excited to see her, which is ALWAYS a bonus! Here is where I made my first & second oopses! I had to go to 2 banks before I left town! Didn't happen and luckily I remembered once I got to Redmond!

Stop #1 Safeway
Stop #2 Albertson's
Stop #3 Farm Credit Services
Stop #4 Columbia River Bank
Stop #5 Wet Willy's Car Wash
Stop #6 Walgreens
Stop #7 Wells Fargo
Stop #8 WalMart

So those were my stops, should have been 6, but at least I didn't have to go out of my way to make it to the 2 banks! By far the most important things I had to do!

So my trip to Safeway before the hospital:
Huggies size 3 144-ct $29.99
Oreo Snack Stix $2.99
Total $32.98
Less:1.50+1+1(dblr)+10(LW)+5(pledge CAT)=-$18.50
Total oop (out of pocket)=$14.98***plus got $10 cat***
Saved $23.30=62%

Safeway after the hospital:
(4) Healthy choice fresh mixers @$2.50ea
(6) Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Brown rice @ $2.50ea
(2) Oreo Fun Stix @$2.99ea
(3) Uncle Ben's Ready Rice @ 2.39ea
(4) Taco Bell Refried Beans @$1ea (to get a $3 CAT)
Total $42.15
Total oop=$22.90***plus got $10 cat & $3 cat***
Saved $37.35=62%

Safeway in Redmond:
Huggies size 3 144-ct diapers $29.99
Vitamin Water $1.05
Total $31.04
Less:1.50+.50(dblr)+10(LW)+3(Tacobell cat)+4(pledge cats)=-$19
Total oop=$12.04***plus got $10 cat***
Saved $23.39=66%

I had a CAT for free milk from Kellogg's transaction earlier in the month that expired on Saturday (today).
Skim Milk $3.79
Fat Free 1/2 & 1/2 $1.79
Total $5.58
Total oop=$1.79

Mac did 2 transactions that were identical
#1 Scunci 18pk hair bands $2
Paid with a $2 RR and got another $2 RR back!
#2 Scunci 18pk hair bands $2
Paid with a $2 RR and got another $2 RR back!
Me #1
(2) Splenda 100ct packets $7
Oust Air Fresh $3.99
Total oop $5.99...was gonna pay with RR but didn't have enough items! I actually had some bic soliel razors for 1.79 each with a $2 Q, but the Q had expired, so I had them taken off! Transaction gone wrong! And I had $7.50 in RR that expired Saturday (today) so I had to go back and find a deal!
Me #2
(5) degree trial size deo @.99ea
(1) dove trial size deo @.99
(2) secret trial size deo @1.29 ea
Total $8.52
Total oop .27***Plus I got $6 in RR for buying 6 Dove products***
**So on today's run I spent all my RR that were gonna expire and I got $10 more in RR for next month!!!**

Transaction #1
There was a post yesterday about some El Monterrey Tornado frozen burritos with a peelie to try for free. So I ventured over, and found them!
(1) Tornado $2
Will get $2 back by MIR (mail in rebate)

Transaction #2
(7) Kotex Lightdays @$1ea
(2) Axe trial shower gel @.97ea
(2) Suave normal size deo @.94ea
(3) Olay 2pk bar soap @$2.48ea
Bandaid Brand blister bands @3.67
Dentek Floss Picks @2.00
James Patterson Book #7 @10.43
Glucerna cereal @3.94
Bolt DVD @19.96 (treat for Sissy)
(3) Monster truacks @3.27
(2) Airheads Exreme @.64
Total $69.35
Total oop $45.75***which isn't really bad at all! Considering that each child get a treat and so did mom! $45.75-$10.43-$19.96-$3.27(x3)=$5.55 oop for the rest of the stuff! Woo Hoo! And most of the rest of the stuff will go to a food closet/shelter! :)~

OK! I needed to blog and I feel better! So I have 1:30 to get some stuff done! DH said he would be in @ 12 to check my progress! Better make sure I have some progress to show! HA HA!


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