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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Albertson's Easter Shopping Run 4/9

Ok, so I had this grandious plan that I was gonna get my ham free- 2 1/2 times! Well so far I have the 1/2 covered, LOL! You see, Albertson's is running a deal where if you purchase $25 (before coupons) of UniLever & Kraft (and certain other) products, you will receive and INSTANT SAVINGS of $10 toward ANY MEAT purchase. This deal can be rolled in a single transaction as many times as you have $25 worth.

In addition to that deal at Albertson's, in this last weeks' paper, UniLever had a mail in rebate up to $20 on the purchase of ANY HAM OR TURKEY when you spend $40 on SPECIFIC UniLever products (this $40 does not have to be done in a single transaction, as many times as it takes to make $40 as long as it's in the mail before the due date).

Of course I wanted to take advantage of the HUGE UniLever sale Alb's was having and do this in 1 transaction- just makes it easier. So, I needed my total to be $50. I worked meticulously on my list- playing with the numbers and finding the best coupons I had on products I would use, then going to products I would donate next.

So here are what my numbers looked like:

My total was going to be $50.94 (had it down to a science)
Figure in the $20 Spiral Ham (ended up being $20.85)
For a Grand Total $71.79

Now, take off my Manufacturer's coupons -$19.70
And my 2 Instant Savings -$20.00
And my total SHOULD HAVE BEEN ***$32.09***
Instead it was ***$42.09***

For some reason, I only got 1 INSTANT SAVINGS of $10. I asked the checker, yes indeed you can get unlimited in a single transaction. Well of course, when I decided to check out there were only 2 checkers and all the customers in the store must have decided to check out at the same time. So I had a HUGE line behind me. So I took my receipt and was told to call Customer Service. I placed the call, took AT LEAST 20 minutes! They have no idea why I didn't get the other $10 Instant Savings. So my claim has been sent to Research and they will get back to me. Cross your fingers...because I DID follow the rules!!!

Now, I will be getting $20 back from the UniLever mail in rebate. I just need to fill out the form and drop it in the mail.

Now, as far as the 1/2. Hormel has a $10 mail in rebate in which you send in a form and the UPC from any Cure 81 ham. I got the rebate from a tearpad in the store. The only thing is, they had NO MORE Cure 81 left! I did buy a Hormel Sprial Ham. So I am going to apply for the rebate anyway. The only thing they can do is not send me the money, right? And I am only out the money it cost me for the stamp. So we shall see?!

So, as of right now, I have gotten $10 off my $20.85 ham- bringing the total to $10.85. Once I get the UniLever rebate back I will have gotten PAID $9.15 to eat ham with my family for Easter! And I am not counting on Alb's giving me the $10 they really do owe me. BUT if they DID, I would get paid $19.15 to spend time with my family eating a wonderful meal and being Thankful for MY SALVATION!

Thank you Jesus!


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