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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday's Steals!

Ok. Maybe it wasn't really stealing, but I did get some good snack food- which we always seem to run low on! I met my cousin and her little man, Oli @ the store and we shopped together! Gabe and Oli rode in the truck attached to Vanessa's cart (yippee for me)!

I had 2 lists ready but wanted to do 2 transactions. Luckily for us, it worked out and we got an AWESOME checker who allowed us. I had mine split in the cart, so I checked first then Vanessa. She explained to the nice lady why we were doing it this way, and she was fine and gave us both Kudos on our shopping :)~ That's always nice!

Transaction #1
(4) Emerald Almonds @$4ea
(2) Kraft mac & chz @.59ea
(2) Baked Lays chips @3ea
(1) Sunchips @3
(2) Quaker mini rice snacks @$2.29ea
Total $30.76
Total oop $10.65***And I got another $10 LW coupon to use next on this
**Total savings Club card & coupons $36.84 or 78%**

Transaction #2
(2) Kraft mac & chz @.59ea
(4) Bertolli Pasta pouches @$2ea
(3) Green Giant 10oz veg @$2
(1) Green Giant valley fresh @2.50
(1) Green Giant 24oz bag veg @$3.49
18 pack eggs @$2.89 (not part of LW)
(5) Healthy choice frozen meals @$1.99ea
Total $34.01
Total oop $13.91***And I got a $10 LW coupon and (2) $2 coupons from the Bertolli's!! $14 off next transaction!
**Total savings club card & coupons $43.66 or 76%**


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