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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back to Safeway...

This time I really had a reason to go. I met my mom there to pick Mac up from her on their way home from the beach. Mac called me from Redmond, which gave me enough time to drive to Safeway and go in for the few things on my list. Just as I was paying, Mac walked in and took her brother from me- NICE! So I unloaded my groceries while Nana loved on Gabe and buckled him in! Which was a nice bonus to not have to pick him up and go through all of that!

So here's what I got:
(1) CapriSun Sunrise @1.99
(1) Tampax tampon 20ct @1.99
(3) Electrasol @3.99ea
(2) Arrowhead 6pk @1.99ea (plus .60 deposit)
(4) Kraft mac & chz @.59ea
(1) Pam aerosol @3.49
(3) Jollytime popcorn @1.99ea
oh...and Bananas added by son, but he was good boy! @.77
Total: $33.12
Total oop $7.62***Plus I got a $2 coupon from the water and another $10LW coupon!
Total savings with club card & coupons $46.51 or 86%!!!


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