The Farmer Takes A Wife (this one)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Hume Family Photo Jan '07

We took this picture to send in a photo mailer card for my Grandma's 80th birthday (yesterday). What a crew we are :) Back row (l-r): Wayne, Mandy, Jen (sil), Alan (brother) Front row (l-r): Mom (aka Nana), Girlfriend and Dad (aka Papa). The dog in front of my Dad is Luna (our dog Gingerbread's half sister) and the dog you see in the front left corner is the newest addition to the Alan Hume family, Cloe. She is WAY TOO CUTE! But boy is she WILD! LOL! Her mom refers to her as the "evil" dog. And Luna is the "angel" dog. Do you see any favoritism going on there?
I had not posted for awhile. Just not been up to my normal self...whatever that is :) Being pregnant is taking it out of me...lots of aches and pains going on...but everything looks pretty good. I have been getting a lot of swelling in my hands and feet...not very comfortable. Will be mentioning it at my next dr appt (Feb 8th). Doc thinks the baby "may have" finally moved positions...For at least the last 2 months he has been lying sideways inside of me- with his head on the right side and his buns and legs on the left side. Not very pleasant, let me tell you!! Anyway, he appears to be head down...although very high and not engaged in the pelvis yet. So his head is very high and his feet are just about on my stomach! YIKES! Doc said he has not "committed" to this don't be surprised if he moves around some more. But soon he will have to make his mind up, because he is running out of room in there. I may have another ultrasound later on closer to my due date to see what position he has decided to settle in. I don't really want to have a if he is not in the correct position they will attempt to manually turn him by pushing around on my stomach :( Doesn't sound very appealing to I am hoping and praying that my little stubborn man decides to be nice to his mama! Ok...gotta go and get ready to pick Mac up from school, it's tap class tonight!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

BUNCO Results

BUNCO was a succes this year. 20 people showed up @ $10 a head. So a $200 pot :) My Aunt and Uncle did not show up because my Aunt's mother is not well. So we had fewer of the regulars. Lots of new people...but it went well :) I have played BUNCO for several years and have NEVER won! Usually beginners have all the luck...but I never got any of it :) Last year's big winner was a first time player as was this year's big winner! They are hooked :) Last year's winner got NADA this year :( I had a SMOKING time...for 3 games in a ROW I got a BUNCO! 3 BUNCOS in a ROW! YOOOHOOO! So I had a total of 4 BUNCOS. Well the big winner (she already won $80) and I were we had a roll off. And AMAZINGLY enough, I won! $50....YEEE HAAAAW!!!! I had a good time and I think everyone else did too! Thanks for the money :) My Mom and Alan tied for 2nd place...they had a roll off and the winner was......MOM! She won $40! So at least the Hume's got a little something :)

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