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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

God Bless PFC Tom Tucker; May he rest in peace

I am from a very small community...about 5,000. As I child I grew up in Metolius, a kind of suburb of Madras; it's population at the time was 300. We had a grade school K-5th with one class of each grade. Classes were relatively small (20-25 kids per class), and everyone knew eachother. Back in the day us kids were allowed to walk "alone" to the town park and play unsupervised. Tom Tucker was 1 year younger than my brother (5 years younger than me). He had a sister, Tayva, who is 2 years younger than me. They lived about 1 block from the park. We saw them everyday at school, and usually played with them at the park. I don't have a lot of memories, but I remember he was a kind and happy kid. He had the blondest of blond hair, cute freckles, and I think blue eyes. My heart absolutely hurts right now. I have knowledge of how these deployments and dangerous missions play out; being an ex-spouse of an Army Aviator...I have heard my fair share from him of the "close calls." Sitting here typing I can't even put what I am feeling into words. I just know that I am feeling very emotionally affected by this terrible news- and I cannot begin to fathom what his family is going through. My thought and prayers are with Wes, Meg, Tayva (and her boys) Tucker at this time. I ask that anyone reading this to please say a prayer as well- for that is all that can be done now. God Bless all of our service members; those who have served, who are serving, and those who gave their life so that we can be FREE!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You know who you are...


I Miss You!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Family Time...

Today is a continuation of "family time" since BG will be leaving in a few short days (WED) to see the biological donor. Yesterday was a nice day out of town. Went to the "big" city of Bend and watched Cars, had lunch/dinner @ Quizno's, went to ShopKo, and picked up a part for the 4-wheeler. We were going to go bowling last night (black light neon bowling) after DH changed water, but Mac got a migraine on the way home. We were almost home (15 more minutes) and all of a sudden, "Mom, my tummy doesn't feel so good." Great, pull over find a plastic bag, here comes the vommit! Then pull back out on the road; sure enough only a few minutes pass and she is sick. The pull over again to "dispose" of said bag and give her a new one. We get home and she goes straight to bed to sleep for about 3 hours. She wakes up just as we are ready for bed (9pm). So we decide to stay up and watch the new movie we bought, Cheaper By The Dozen 2. We all make it to bed after 11 pm. This am BG looks just fine. Hopefully the weather will be nice. After DH changed water, we finished putting the pool together- add chemical, put pump on and start, clean leaves out, put cover on. Now we need to assemble the ladder and when it warms up, BG can enjoy her pool for at least 1 day before leaving. Gotta run, trying to celebrate Father's Day today since she will be gone. I want to fix some breakfast for DH- he works so hard! He is a great provider, how lucky we are to have him! Praise the Lord!

Saturday, June 10, 2006



Thursday, June 08, 2006

My schpeel for the day!

Having an ex-husband- forevermore- UGGGHH!
Having my daughter leave the day after school for 3 1/2 weeks :(
In-Laws (in general)
Being Fat
Husband that is TOO skinny!
Laundry that reproduces faster than I can get it done!
Vet Bills!
Sore hamstrings & bootie from bending over all day- OUCH!

Things I am THANKFUL for:
Wonderful husband the 2nd time around :)
A beautiful, healthy, happy, confident Daughter (despite her parents)
To live in a free country where I can be free
My true family and friends- YAM
My 'puter and wireless are back up- Praise the Lord!
Forgiveness from above mentioned Man
That I have a house that is TOOO SMALLLL, as I was reminded earlier, at least I have one!
A dog that is mine (not DH's or BG's) whether I want her or can afford the vet bills!
Getting in touch with old friends /acquaintances

Monday, June 05, 2006

Bad, bad, bad day!

This is almost what our day turned into! Wayne and I decided to take on a rather larger be named later (too tired tonight)! Anyway, the STUPID farm truck broke down right after DH turned from our driveway onto the main (country) road. DH decided it was the alternator and starter. He called the auto parts store and luckily they had them in stock. Took the old ones out, went to get the new ones. After several hours (truck broke at 1:30, new parts in at 4:15)...the dang thing STILL would not work. Wayne is POSITIVE the A & S were the problem. We tow said piece of junk truck to the shop (5 miles @ 15 mph)...A piece in the starter is messed and order new one for tomorrow. DH takes the first "new" one out...wait, "I think I wired this wrong!" Puts is back in, "Nope, I had it right the first time!" Please note that each time he took out and put back in was at LEAST 30 minutes- with the exception of the first time, and that was 1 hour! We are ok with finishing our project tomorrow, the part will be in at 8 am and I will pick it up after dropping Mac off at school. Get home and there is a message on the machine, "Umm, the part won't be here until Wed pm sometime, they don't have it in stock either." GREAT!

On a happier note cousin Aubrey had baby today...yes it is a girl! Kimber Sada Boynton...8 lb 8 oz, 21 inches long, 3:30 pm 6/5/06...She is very happy, was worried it would be tomorrow 6/6/06...YIKES, what a b-day!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Thoughtless People...

I have had a LONG DAY and I am tired and grumpy...this post is somewhat of a gripe, so I will try to keep names out of it. But I need to vent and DH doesn't understand where I am coming from and he doesn't feel the way I do.

I am sick, sick, sick of thoughtless, rude, inconsiderate people- especially those to whom I am "supposedly" close to. Many of these people claim to be so-called "Christians." Well I'll tell you something...they are FAR from Christlike! My main gripe for tonight and last Monday...being left out of group gatherings that include all family members, with the exception of "this" Hume-Fessler clan! TTFN before I have a stroke!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Summer Purchase!

Last summer MacKenzie hounded Wayne and I relentlessly for a BIG pool. Well, Wayne didn't want a BIG pool, so we just got a rectangular one about knee deep. It didn't last long. After a day of play with some cousins, it got a hole in the sidewall. Wayne promissed Mac that she could have a BIG pool this year. So just the other day he asked me if I had been keeping a lookout for the best deal. Me, "no, I didn't think you were serious!" So I immediately went online to find the best deal. Shopko had the best deal. But since the sale price had been going on since Sunday, and today was Friday, we missed out. Could have gotten a raincheck- but Wayne said no. So we ended up getting this pool at Wal-Mart. Also purchased some pool toys and a "spring float recliner" for me to sit in and get a tan while Mac is playing in the pool.

Made a trip to Costco today. MAN I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! DH purchased a computer scrapbooking program for me for our 6 month-a-versary. Also purchased a new program for the security of our computers. And another program I can't wait to use either...An Adobe Phote Suite picture program (not sure if that's the correct name). It was between them and Microsoft...but it looked cooler, and of course, cost more money- what's new!

I need to go...I have a terrible headache; probably from starting SB again and limiting what I eat. No doubt my body is going through the sugar DT's!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Today I am trying to turn over a new leaf... Leaf 8

-better eating habits Salad
-start exercise routine again Step Aerobics
-hopefully start feeling better about myself... a -person Cinnamon
-mother Daughter & Mother
-wife Husband And Wife
-friend Best Friends 2
-care less about what others think Dove
-be more in touch with my spiritual side Jesus Fish

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