The Farmer Takes A Wife (this one)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Little Cheeseburger!

I don't know why, but when MacKenzie was a little girl (6 mo) I used to call her my "cheeseburger." My mom and everyone else used to ask me if she liked cheeseburgers. My response was, "I don't know." People were stumped as to why I called her that. Now that I think about it, there was no rhyme or reason why, just that I could and I did!

Since Mac has gotten her yellow quad, we are deep into looking for yellow gear to go with it. I bought her a yellow jersey, yellow riding gloves, yellow dust goggles, yellow chest protector and yellow helmet! Seeing all of this yellow on her yesterday for the first time (complete with the helmet that arrived on Friday) reminded me of my "little cheeseburger." Only she is not so little! I can not believe my baby is almost 8! And she is big enough to be riding her very own quad! And acting like a dare-devil! I almost had a heart attack when I saw her doing "fish-tails" in the gravel on the driveway! I had to call her bio-dad and tell him she acts just like him! He was so proud, "That's my girl!" Told me not to worry, she would be fine. And if she happened to roll it, then she would learn respect for the quad. Ummm...yeah, but I would rather AVOID that, because I am the one who has taken her to COUNTLESS emergency room visits ALONE- stitches, x-rays, pulling objects from her body with LONG TWEEZERS...not to mention she could get SERIOUSLY hurt and even die! He told me not to be paranoid...yeah ok, you carry a baby for 9 months, go through labor, and then raise the baby by yourself from the time she is born because he leaves! UGGGG!!! Yes, I am a little overprotective...but can one blame me?! After she was done riding I asked her where she learned that, and she said, "From my Dad. He did it in his truck big red, only he went all the way around in a circle. I can't do a whole circle yet." Goodness, I about died! She couldn't wait to call him and tell him what she figured out how to do! But at least he talked to her about safety and told her not to push it, she needs to learn how to ride a bit better first! God grant me strength! I have turned my daughter into a monster by allowing her a quad!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

BURRRRR!!! And other things...

Detailed Local Forecast

Tonight: Windy and overcast this evening followed by mostly clear skies late. Low 34F. WNW winds at 20 to 30 mph, diminishing to 5 to 10 mph.

Tomorrow: A few clouds in the morning, but mainly sunny. High around 70F. W winds shifting to N at 10 to 15 mph.

Tomorrow night: A mostly clear sky. Low around 35F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday: Sunny skies. High 79F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph.

Sunday: Mainly sunny. Highs in the low 80s and lows in the low 40s.

Normally, I LOVE fall! But this year, it went from HOT HOT HOT to COLD COLD COLD- WINDY WINDY WINDY!!! The wind has been blowing so HARD I feel like this house is going to lift off and fly to Kansas to be with Dorothy! I looked up the weather just now to see how cold it is supposed to get tonight and in the am when DH has to get up and leave by 6 am to change water. Poor Guy! I have been making 2 pots of coffee a day to try and keep him warm. A pot BEFORE he leaves and a pot for when he RETURNS!!!

All I know is that he will be happy when Oct 13 is here, because that is the last day water is on in the canals. I think we are pretty close to being done watering our grass fields back. Now the next task is planting garlic. I believe the company we have a contract with (out of California) will be here the beginning of next week with the seed. DH has one field all ready, and is currently (right now @ 7:15 pm) driving in the other plowing/disking. When that is done, pick the rocks out. And when that is done, hill the field. garlic has to be planted in hills like potatoes. After the seed is planted, then it has to be watered. We normally only grow 40 acres of garlic...but we got a contract for 80 acres for this coming year :o) YAY! Garlic is a good crop to make money off of...if all goes well. We haven't had a "super" year in a long I hope we are due! We sold off our red wheat has been in Portland for a month or so. When we decided to grow wheat this year, the price was pretty good. But of course at harvest, the proce dropped. We have patiently been sitting on it, but could wait no more! $5.45 a bushel...better than it was (5.30) when we hauled it up there. Today got some of our money from one of our grass seed crops. It is taking FOREVER this year for money to come in. Considering they (Cenex Harvest States- aka CHS) has had the product since JULY they took their sweet time in getting us any money. DH called at the beginning of the week asking for some of our money. They told him the lead accountant guy is out of the office this he wanted to talk to the next guy in charge...he said we would have our money by Wed. DH called again today, and it was not ready. He told them he was NOT happy...20 minutes later they called and said they had a "partial" check for us. So off I went to get said check and go to the bank. Tomorrow I am off to Redmond to Farm Credit Services to pay on our operating loan. Hopefully the wheat check will come by the beginning of next week, then another trip to RDM and I will be feeling a lot better about the operating loan balance :o) And maybe more money will be coming in so we can get busy on the house and other things...

Finances are really on my brain right now. FIL came over yesterday very visibly upset. DH was not home. FIL started to try to talk to me about something, but was unable to because he began to tear up. This is VERY UNUSUAL for him, as he is of the "older" generation where men are not allowed to be upset and show it. For quite sometime he has been "entertaining" the idea of retiring. We all just thought "whatever." Then a few weeks ago all of the boys (farmers/ranchers too) were given an equipment list of EVERYTHING FIL owns and asked to mark what they would like to buy and put their max price next to it. It was supposed to be turned in by last Friday. So, DH took care of this, as I have no idea exactly what we needed (although I had a good idea on a lot). It seems that the beginning of this week FIL called the guy who has wanted to buy him out for years. He gave him the price he wanted (very steep indeed) and the guy didn't even bat an eye. He offered him full price and wants everything by Nov 1. FIL is having mixed feelings now. He is concerned about Wayne, Mac, Me and the unborn baby and baby after that. We lease 2 farms from will be sold...but our lease allows us 2 more years. The other farm he wants us to buy-(it's not included in the sale). But with us building a house and a shop (costing us well over $200K) this is extremely difficult for us, especially with me not working (except for WM Fessler Farms (ourselves)). So he wants DH to sell his share of one of the ranches that FIL, BIL, BIL, and DH own together (all paid off). Wayne's share is 700 acres. They all run cattle on it. But since we have no cattle, we are not using it and therefore not making nay profit on the land. When DH and I first started dating, he told me just how much this property meant to him. It was the very first investment he made toward his future and he would NEVER get rid of it. So I was shocked when he talked with his Dad and now he is considering selling his share (well over $200K) to pay for our new house and shop and to buy the 170 acre farm his dad is offering us. Last night when Wayne came home and acted like it was no big deal, I just became so emotional I cried most of the night. I just feel horrible that Wayne is giving up something so important to him for Mac, me and our future kids. I don't want him to ever feel like he had no choice in the matter. I know this whole thing sounds stupid...but I feel guilty. Before he married me and girlfriend...he had extra money and nice toys, etc. Now that he has us...all he ever does is work and worry about money and what's going to happen next year with the crops. When I talked to him last night about this he said he wouldn't change anything...he disliked being a bachelor, but dealt with it. He is happy to have a family and a baby on the way and doesn't feel like he has given "up" anything, but gained. I know I should be happy (actually ecstatic) with that answer, but I just have this underlying feeling of guilt! I am not the one to make any of these decisions, it is all on DH- as everything is in his name because he has had it over 20+ years w/o me! He would never make a decision like that w/o talking with me first- but I just feel helpless. Ok, this is all starting to sound the I should probably stop! LOL! It is now 7:40 and he still is not home. I need to go put his plate away so I can heat it up when he gets in! Sorry for the rambling...I was just trying to make some sense out of this...OH and Survivor is on in 15 minutes! Girlfriend is pestering me about the time every 2 minutes! Driving me bonkers!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mac tearing it up in the wheat field!

Last night it was time to change water. DH told me to get some warm clothes and and Mac too. I was like, ok?! So we got dressed and then DH said that the 2 of us (me and Mac) were going to ride the quads over to the other farm and he would drive the truck. He wanted Mac to get some practice riding by herself in the wheat fields (they've been harvested and there is nothing but stubble left). All in all, she did pretty well. She needs to work on watching where she is going; example- not looking behind to see where mom is, and almost driving off the road! Another- don't try to race the other person and cut them off...we could BOTH wreck and flip our quads...very dangerous and we could get seriously hurt- or even die.

Yesterday I ordered some protective gear for her to ride with. I got her a chest protector, goggles, and gloves. Her bio-dad works at a bike shop part-time, so he ordered her a racing helmet at cost. Hopefuly it will be here sometime next week. In the meantime she has been using her snowmobile helmet, which is fine- it's just kind of heavy and hot to be riding in...but better than nothing- which would mean not riding until she had one! So she is fine with that :o)

Ok. Baby girl is off the bus and I need to run! Toodle dee doo!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Survivor Cook Islands- TONIGHT!

Ok, ok, ok! I will admit, I watch Survivor! Is that so bad? I remember the big hype when Survivor first came out and I was NOT interested. I am not sure just exactly when I started watching it...but I am sure it was with my Grandma and Grandpa. This was when MacKenzie was in Pre-School and she became ADDICTED! She was so little that she could not stay up the whole night. So the next morning she would always ask me wht happened at the end. Well now, she is in the 2nd grade and able to stay awake for the whole show. This is the one night of the week that she is allowed to stay awake past her bedtime. Survivor became our "girls night" to bond and do fun stuff! We usually make popcorn, or have ice cream...we paint our toe nails, do facials...all the essentials to being BEAUTIFUL! The only hitch now...DH is NOT a girl and is NOT interested in our activities! And he is not so fond of Survivor! At least that is what he says! So I catch him peaking into our bedroom (where Mac and I hole up to watch Survivor) and making comments, asking me what happened, what did he miss, etc. So I jsut tell him he should watch it with us...NO, I am watching something on the TV in the living room! I just think he is embarassed to admit that he LIKES reality TV! Like I am going to tell somebody (oh, I guess that is what I am doing now :o)!). Anyhow, this is the topic of the day...since I am not going to have time later to blog- afterall, I will be watching Survivor!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mac riding over Labor Day

Over Labor Day Weekend we went camping/riding at East Fort Rock, about 30 miles outside of Bend towards Burns. Mac took turns riding this "mini-quad" with her cousin Mayzie (to whom it belongs).

During this camping/riding trip we found out from our friends Doug and Esther that they had their daughters' old quad they had outgrown up for sale. As soon as Wayne heard that, it was SOLD! We paid $600 for a 10-year old Suzuki 80cc...according to Wayne, a VERY good deal! They had loaned it to a friend, and he was out of town until 9/10 (this past Sunday). They were supposed to bring it to us on Sunday, but their friend got home too late for them to pick it up. So plans changed and we got it the next day, Monday. I have good intentions of taking Mac's pic riding it, but when we got it- dusk was nearing and I spaced a picture. Then yesterday Mac was home sick from school- so no 4-wheeler rides! Now today the weather is COLD and WINDY! Too much so for a ride! So hopefully tomorrow we will have pics of Mac on her very OWN QUAD!
But these pics were just too cute not to share! On Labor Day I had a post in remembrance of my Grandpa. In that post I talked about Mac riding the quad...this picture is just what I was talking about! My Grandpa was yelling, "Go Max, GO!" See all the dust flying into the air?! LOL~ I love my Baby Girl! But she scares the HECK out of me!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Quad

Last night our friends Esther and Doug brought over the Kids' Quad we bought from them for MacKenzie. She was SO FUNNY! She was very excited and could hardly wait to get on it! She had to get her helmet...then she had on flip flops- so had to go change her shoes! Doug was kind enough to take Mac on her "first" ride (did I mention that she LOVES Doug? When we went riding over Labor Day Wkend, she rode with him and LOVED it and him. All the way home she talked about how much she liked him and how nice he was! LOL!). They rode on the ditch road and turned around in the grass field. After Doug was off, Mac couldn't wait to go on her own! She drove ALL over the place here. The quad doesn't have a reverse, so Esther was telling me just how funny it is when the kids don't turn sharp enough, or end up in a situation where they have to get off the bike and pull it. Just about that time, we saw Mac down the driveway pulling the machine so she could make the corner! TOO CUTE! After they left, I came in the house and made a quick dinner, stuck it in the oven...then Mac and I rode over to the other farm where Wayne was at changing water. Since Wayne took MY QUAD, I was going to take HIS QUAD, but it had a flat biggie I was going to put air in the tire, but it wouldn't start! Since Mac was so hyped to go on the ride (she even went and put pants on and a sweatshirt) I could not disappoint her! So I followed her over in the flatbed. Her quad doesn't have a headlight and by this time it was dusk for sure...not much light left. So I put the brights on and followed her. The max speed of her quad is 22 mph, and she never got over 10, so I was happy. On the ditch road there are a TON of mud puddles, and my daughter went right through the middle of each one of them! If it was on the opposite side of the road than she was, she would deliberately go to the other side JUST to hit it! Funny girl! Anyway, by the time we got over to the other farm and found Wayne, it was dark. So we loaded the quad on the back of the flatbed...Mac wasn't happy! Then Wayne told me I should not have brought her over! Well she was so stinking excited to show him I couldn't deny her! It was his fault for not being home when she got it! Anyway...Wayne has done some tinkering on it this morning already...just like he's the little kid and it's his toy! LOL! He let some air out of the tires, they were over-inflated and made the ride kind of rough. He checked the governor screw...but it was missing. I told him not to worry about it, but he said no way...he knows Mac and it won't be long before she sees just exactly what it will do! LOL! So now he is going to find something at the auto parts store to go where the screw should be!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!

Today "my puppy" Chocolate Gingerbread Mochacina Royale (official name on AKC papers) AKA Ginger, turns 1 year old! I am so happy (most of the time) that this spoiled rotten, sweet, lovable, kind, gentle, rowdy (the list goes on) puppy came into our lives. I really think she came into our life and helped us to become a family. She was our first big joint venture for the 3 of us. We all love her so much! Only she CHOOSES who she loves the most, and when that will be :o) Dogs, they have such wonderful personalities (for the most part)!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Response to "Book Tag"

My dearest friend Gia tagged me sometime last week (I think!). I have not had my book near me anytime I was on the computer...and today I FINALLY finished reading it. This was my 3rd try at reading it...not sure what the problem was the other times?! And not quite sure what I think AFTER reading it?! Here Goes...only I am NOT tagging 3 more people! LOL :o)

Grab the book closest to you.
Open to page 123.
Scroll down to the 5th sentence.
Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog.
Name the book and the author.
Fache decided not to take any chances.
Hedging his bets, he ordered half of his men back to the Louvre perimeter.
The other half he sent to guard the only location in Paris where Robert Langdon could find safe harbor.
The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown

Moon Over Fessler Field

A few days ago Mama Koch had a post about the full moon. Usually I am not out after dark and therefore have no idea of what's going on. Well last night I had the chance to be outside and see the beautiful moon. This shot was taken from our grassfield looking behind our house. Just thought I would try my hand at taking a pic in the dark!

***On another note...Baby girl rode the bus this morning. For some reason her alarm did not go off this am (but it did yesterday ?). Anyway, DH and I were awake (me barely) at 6, so DH got her out of bed. I was pleasantly surprised how well she got up and did not complain! She got up, did her hair, got dressed, ate breakfast, and brushed her teeth- IN RECORD TIME! We left for the bus-stop @ about 6:45. The bus came and picked her up @ 6:54 am. That is pretty early to be getting on the bus...but what else can I do? I could take her into town everyday, but now that I am not working it's just a waste of gas. And with gas being over $3 a gallon, I don't think so! I just remember that when I was in jr high and high school we (my bro and I) had to ride the bus. We lived a few miles further out of town than where we are now, and we did not catch the bus until 7:30 and we thought THAT was early! It appeared that MacKenzie was the FIRST one ON the bus, and yesterday she was one of the LAST OFF the bus. I don't think that is quite fair, and neither did DH. So I told him to call the bus barn if he was that concerned about it. But there is not much we can do about it! LOL....He said if we were in Culver's School District, it would not be that way! My dad is the transportation manager and he makes the bus you think his only grandchild would receive preferential treatment, come on now! LOL! Ok...DH just called and asked me to bring him something to eat down at our other farm (5 miles down the road) I need to get going!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Day of School

MacKenzie- First Day Kindergarten

MacKenzie- First Day 1st Grade

First Day of School- 2nd Grade

Well, these are through the years! My goodness how they do grow! I was going to post the 2 years of pre-school as well, but those pictures are on my old computer (out of commission) and I need to figure out how to get them onto a CD! Anyway, they are EVEN CUTER than these, LOL! She was so excited to get to school this am, and she did NOT want me to walk her onto the playground! Too funny, my little girl! I hope she's having a GREAT day, I know I am! It feels like Christmas, just kidding :o)
Baby girl got off the bus @ about 4:15. I was sitting outside with Gingerbread and Lucky throwing sticks for them and reading a book. I saw Mac get off the bus, but remembered DH saying as long as the weather was nice, we should make her walk up the driveway (it's close to 1/2 mile). So I watched her get the mail and walk up the drive. When she got here, "Mom, how come you didn't come get me?" Funny girl! Anyway, school went well. They played a few different name games, went on a tour of the school as many of the classroom locations have changed, enjoyed recess and catching up with her old friends, won't have homework until next week sometime (she's excited over that!), and didn't do much classwork according to her! I am getting ready to go to the store and get some stuff for the makings of taco salads. I pulled out some hamburger and we are headed over to Papa & Nana's house to cook dinner and eat together. Need to get ahold of DH...he probably will not join us. He worked until almost 9 pm last night. We are behind getting ground worked to plant some grass seed, orchard grass, and garlic...but what's new? We always seem to be behind ;o) Toodles!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dr Appt

Just a really quick note...I had a dr appt @ 11 am. It was really quick, nothing much going on at this stage. But we (yes, Wayne did go) did get to hear the heartbeat for the first time! YAY! It was 167 BPM, which is the same as it was during the ultrasound. I have not gained any weight, thank you Lord! And Suzy (dr) said it looks like this baby is a keeper! YAY! I feel so much better (relief) that I have made it this far w/o any complications. She looked at the results from the Radiologist's reading of the ultrasound, and everything was normal...but not too much to look at that early on. At my next appt we will schedule an ultrasound for around 20 weeks to do the closer look at the organs and such. Sorry, we won't find out the sex... We want a surprise...there are so few true surprises in life!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Clifford Roy Hamilton 7/10/25-9/4/04

We went camping this weekend just outside of Bend about 30 miles or so (Hwy 20 towards Burns). This weekend was fun- like camping always is. We also took our 4-wheelers and rode. Oh how I thought about you this weekend! You would have had some good laughs with us! MacKenzie rode her cousin's Kid Quad and did quite well! The whole time she was riding I could hear you and gma in my head. You were shouting, "Go Max!" And gma was screaming, "Slow down!" This morning while trying to get the 5th-wheel out of our spot, Wayne turned the corner too tight, and put some good "crinkles" on the camper when it rubbed against the 4-wheeler parked on the back of our flatbed truck! (Oh how I wish you could have met him!) He said some good words, and it reminded me of you! He calmed down rather quickly and said there wasn't much that could be done now- reminded me of camping with you once @ Haystack Reservoir! Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and miss you- but today, especially.
RIP...Love always, your Tuffer xoxoxxx

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