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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year's Weekend!

Well, here we are...another holiday weekend and an opportunity to spend some much needed time with family. This year we will play BUNCO at my brother, Alan's house. Playing BUNCO on New Year's Eve is a tradition in our family. Before my brother got married 1 1/2 years ago, it was played at my mom and dad's house. But last year, and again this year- it will be hosted by my brother and sil. Although I think once our hosue is built, we will host it...since our house will be almost twice the size of my brother's and the floor plan is more condusive for several tables. We usually have between 16 and 20 players. We play for money...usually it costs $10 per person. So whoever wins, has some nice spending cash :) Are we ever the winners? No- but it is still fun to play and socialize with all of our loved ones we don't see often enough. The people who are ALWAYS there: Mom, Dad, Alan, Jen, Wayne, Me, Uncle Steve, Aunt Carrie, Seth, K'Lyn....many others receive an invitation and sometimes they come, and sometimes they don't! Their loss! Last year there were several people who stopped by for a bit and then left...they just don't know what they are missing :) I do hope my Best Friend from college, Suzette, comes. My sil is trying to set her up with I am wondering if she will come...or if that will make her shy away?! Oh how I do hope she makes it...I never see enough of her :( I hope you all have a Happy and Safe New Year's Weekend with your loved ones! Mandy~

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006- Overview

December 24, Christmas Eve-
The day was spent lazing around...just right for those of us who had fallen ill (me). I did however spend an hour ironing clothes for Christmas Eve Mass. Then got myself a shower...gave MacKenzie a shower. Now it was time to primp the Queen Mother and Princess...I am very thankful that this baby will be a boy! I don't need another girl at this point in time to primp with! LOL~ Also have to give hubby a haircut before Mass. My Aunt Pam charges my Uncle Ed to give him haircuts...maybe I should start doing that! I cut Wayne's hair every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. And it always seems to happen for me at the most inconvenient when I have a 100 other things to do! But I know he wouldn't pay me to "shave" his head with the clippers...he would just do it himself...either way it doesn't bother me...I just would like to have more notice :)
So, off to Mass we go. The entire Fessler Clan will be there...keep in mind this is JUST IMMEDIATE FAMILY...All 23 of us! We end up having to leave for Mass at 4:30. The mailer that was sent out with the Holiday Mass Schedule said Christmas Eve Children's Mass was supposed to start at 5:00. However, the evening before (Sat, Dec 23rd) we went to church because Wayne had to usher with his Dad. During Mass it was discovered that the bulletin (given out during each service) had a typo in it. It said Mass was going to start at 5:30. Father was made aware of the conflicting times. So he told us all to be there the following evening for a 5:00 Mass. We arrive at 4:45...and there are hardly any people in the church! So...we waited for what seemed FOREVER for Mass to was late- of course...started at 5:45. We were sitting in the pew with our 3 1/2 year old nephew...WILD TIMES waiting, waiting, waiting!
After church, we go to Fessler's for dinner, lasagna. Good food and good company. Then time to open took A LONG TIME to open all the gifts under that tree! We finally get home about 10:30 pm!
December 25, Christmas Day
The next morning we (Wayne and I) woke up about 6:30. We stayed in bed for over an HOUR waiting for MacKenzie to get up! I can't believe she slept 'til after 7:30! But boy was she ever fired up and ready to start the day! We have a good Christmas morning over here. We played with a few things. Then we got cleaned up and the stuff we wanted to take rounded up and headed to Papa and Nana's. We spent the rest of the day there until late. The five of us opened gifts after the turkey was in the oven. We ate a late breakfast...played with our new toys. Then about 1:30 Uncle Boyfriend and Aunt Jeni showed up and we opened a few more gifts. Now it's about dinner time. Wayne goes to get Grandma Joyce. When she gets there- dinner time! Yummy, I LOVE me some turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy! I could eat it AT LEAST once a week! After dinner we played some family games and then dessert. Another late felt good to sleep in the next morning :) I hope everyone had a Blessed Holiday Season! Mandy~

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Pretty Little Princess...Turned 8!

MacKenzie in her Christmas Dress - November 2006

Saturday, December 16, 1998 @ 6:19 am my precious baby girl was born at Evans Army Hospital- Fort Carson, Colorado. Fast forward to longer a little girl. She is growing up so fast...sometimes I think she may even be a teenager! Thank goodness she is not :)

12/15/06 - Friday

The school Christmas program was at 1:15. What a wonderful program. All of the songs but one, were original and written by her music teacher through his 25+ years of teaching! Truly wonderful! After said program was over, we checked Mac out of school. We came home and Wayne finished cleaning out the truck we were going to trade in for a new truck. We are on our way to get a new We leave home and drop Girlfriend off at Nana's work. Papa picks her up on his way home from work. Papa and Girlfriend go to Aunt Jeni's to set up her Christmas tree since Uncle Boyfriend is on a 5 day shift. I get a phone call while at the dealership that Girlfriend wants to spend the night w/ Aunt Jeni. That is fine...since it looks like we will be awhile. But Wayne and I are really surprised that she doesn't want to be home on the morning of her birthday to open her presents!

12/16/06 - Saturday

We FINALLY get to see Girlfriend at about 10 am. Literally, the first words out of her mouth when she walked in the door were, "Where's my presents?" Wow, what a greeting! So she rips open her gifts...and that's it! Nothing much to say! We are going to catch a movie in Redmond and go to Papa's Pizza (indoor playground) afterward. Papa and Nana and Aunt Jeni decide to go to Bend to do some Christmas shopping. So we end up having to pick a later movie than originally planned. We all decide to meet in Redmond to see the 5 pm showing of "Happy Feet." So the 3 of us come home and hang out. Mac's dad calls and says his package should be here. So I go down to the mailbox...and it is there. Mac talks to him and opens her gifts. What a lucky little girl! She got some really cute stuff from him and his girlfriend. Her parents also sent gifts as well...SPOILED! Her paternal grandparents called and said they would have her package here sometime this week. We leave for the movie and pick up my Grandma Joyce and Sabre (my cousin's daughter) in Metolius on the way to Redmond. We meet and see the movie...cute, but some adult content masked. Papa, Nana, and Jeni already the 5 of us go to Papa's and eat and play...then home we go! Long day!

12/17/06 - Sunday

We go to 8:30 Mass in Warm Springs. Come home and pick up. Then we have Girlfriend's b-day party at the Fessler's at 1 pm. We meet over there and luckily not all 23 of us were there! PHEW! Have cake and ice cream and open gifts...What a lucky little girl! We are now getting ready to write thank you cards...hopefully BEFORE we have to write Christmas thank you's!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy 1 Year Wedding Anniversary To Us!

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Fessler - December 10, 2005

We REALLY love eachother!

A Girls Best Friends...L to R: Gia, matron of honor, Jen (sister-in-law) bridesmaid, Me the Bride, Stephanie bridesmaid, Suzette bridesmaid

Uncle Wayne and nephew Jebb, ring bearer

AWW...Mommy and Daddy Hume

My Handsome Hubbby, Wayne and my Handsome Brother, Alan, a groomsman

Girlfriend taking time to smell a bridesmaids pomander

Me, Mandy, admiring my beautiful calla lily bouquet before the ceremony

MacKenzie, my beautiful flowergirl, in the Parish Hall before the ceremony

Wayne outside of church before ceremony

Friday, December 08, 2006

I've been MIA

So today my mom told me she missed my blogging. I have a lot going on, but just don't take the time to write about it. I just haven't been feeling up to it. So I will try to do some rambling tonight.

Over Thanksgiving my family of 3 and my parents traveled to see my Grandma who lives in a nursing home in Norht Bend, OR. We left early in the morning, and it had snowed the night before. So the roads through the mountain pass were fun :( NOT~! Not worried about us per se, but the other drivers who are idiots! Anyway, we made good time getting over considering the weather conditions. We stayed at the Mill Casino and Hotel. Yes, all 5 of us slept in the same room with 2 queen beds. The rooms there are quite nice and roomy enough for all of us...except when it came time to go to sleep! Girlfriend is A BEDHOG! The first night I slept in the chair and propped my feet on the desk chair...can you say uncomfy? The next night, we built girlfriend a nice, plush bed on the floor. It was MUCHO better :) We spent a lot of time at the nursing home with my Grandma. We always make some sort of craft; this year was no different. It has become somewhat of a tradition to make SOMETHING gingerbread with my Grandma. The last few years we made houses, but this year my Aunt Pam had a gingerbread tree there waiting for us to make with my Grandma. Since my mom was with us this year- Grandma, girlfriend and Nana made the tree :) I got to sit back and watch...well not really! I was working on the model of the next craft we were going to make! **I just tried posting some pics and adding a link to the Casino, but Blogger is not playing nicely** We had a movie night and watched R.V. and had popcorn and candy. I took my sewing projects for the baby's nursery with me to show my Grandma. I hemmed some of MacKenzie's pants and did some fixing to a shirt or two. And just had a wonderful, relaxing time with my Grandma. I wish she lived here :( I miss spending a lot of time with her.

The day before we left for North Bend, we took our family Christmas picture- Wayne, Mac and I. We were all dressed to match and looked SUPER! I was hoping to add a picture, but not tonight :( I wore a red long sleeved shirt with grey corderoy pants, MacKenzie's Christmas dress is red and black with a very long, full skirt, and Wayne wore black Wranglers with a new Wrangler dress shirt that I bought especially for the pictures- it's off white base color with plaid stripes (small print) red, black, and a thin yellow line. We borrowed a new winged back chair from my mom and took it to the in-laws' and took a pic in front of the fireplace and mantle all decorated. I was hoping to have these out and in the mail by the middle of the week after Thanksgiving- but the postal people did not deliver my package in a timely manner :( So instead I had them ( all 80!) mailed on Monday the 4th of December- which was also my parents' 35th wedding anniversary! We took them a beautiful wreath and a card. My Dad used to buy my mom one every year...but somehow I have managed to beat him every year and do this for the both of them :)

Tomorrow is December 9th, and it is 1 day shy of our 1 year wedding anniversary! So we are celebrating early. Wayne and I are going to Bend for the night. We have stayed at the Shilo Inn on the River before, so we are going to again! We have a suite this time with a gas fireplace, a walkout deck on the river, and a 2 person jetted bath tub! I am SO EXCITED about this! I have been having terrible back pain and problems with the nerves on my left leg. So I Have been soaking nightly at home...but I am sure this will be OH SO MUCH BETTER :) We are planning on eating at Coyote Ranch in Redmond around 4 or so (this is where our first date almost 3 years ago was) and then check into the room and catch a movie later on. The next day we will do a bit of shopping and then home. MacKenzie was to be with her paternal grandparents this weekend, but they canceled, so she will be with Papa and Nana and is happy about that, she has been missing them lately! And who wouldn't, I miss them too!

December 14 is my 31st big deal. December 15 is MacKenzie's Christmas Music Program at school and afterward her class is putting on the play "The Mitten." Then the next day is MacKenzie's 8th birthday. We will do something...just not sure yet. Last year's party was at the Bowling Alley...and not cheap, so nothing to that scale again. Maybe a movie with her cousins Jaycee 7, and Janna 6. Then December 19th marks a bit of a sad would have been the due date of the baby I lost earlier this year. But I am oh so thankful for this baby boy I am now carrying and I am anticipating the day he is here and I can hold and kiss! Then the 22nd I have a girls day in Bend with my friend Stephanie (from Idaho) and Suzette (college friend). My sister-in-law Jen was supposed to go, but she can't make it on that day since she won't be on Christmas Break from the school yet- and that is the only day that will work with Suzette's work schedule. We are planning on seeing the movie "The Holiday" and getting a bite to eat, probably at Red Robin. And of course, no trip would be complete without some shopping!

Ok, so that is enough for now. The movie I have been watching/listening to is now over and it is time for my nightly soak! Hopefully I can post some pics soon, if Blogger decides to cooperate! TTFN!

Thanksgiving Craft Pictures

My project...I got to tell everyone who made one the order of the beads...i.e., 5 little green ones, big white one, big red one, polka dotted red one, 7 green ones...etc. Yeehaw!

Grandma and Girlfriend with their "gingerbread tree"

Fessler Family Christmas Photo 20006

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