The Farmer Takes A Wife (this one)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

Fresh flowers for you. Beautiful, but not as much as you. I miss you each day, and wish you were here with me. But I know it can't be. I will love you always and forever. Mandy Dandy

Friday, January 25, 2008


Wayne and I finally got around to cleaning the stuff out of the shop and moving it to the storage shed - where it really belongs! But we had to move the storage shed from our old house to our new house, and all the "stuff" had to be taken out- and there was no place else to put it but the shop.

You may be wondering what this has to do with LegoLand. Well...I saved all the important stuff from when MacKenzie was little.

These Legos happened to be some of the important stuff. MacKenzie LOVED her Legos. I think she got them (the HUGE ones- not the Duplo) when she was about 9 months old. Then when she was a little over a year I think I bought her the duplo size. I ended up getting them for her because they had them at her daycare, and she and the other baby LOVED playing with them with one another.

Yesterday Wayne and I went to WalMart and I bought Gabe another set of the Duplo blocks so he had some more to play with. I can't believe how much Legos cost@! GEEZ!!!

The duplo set we bought has 71 pieces and was 24.97! Yikes!!! I have been online and researched them. They have some way cool stuff. There are some really neat-o farm sets with barn, tractor/loaders, cows, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, hay bales, combines, etc. One set even has the Farmer, wife, son and daughter. But those things are close to $60. I even went on ebay and amazon to see if they were any cheaper- but nothing! So I am keeping my eye open!

Legos are for sure on Gabe's first birthday wish list! I love this pic here. Lately he has been having som WILD hair and the tongue thing is quite entertaining!

Recently we were at my friend's house and her little girl has just about the whole collection of Little People sets. Gabe absolutely LOVED them. Well, guess what?! You're right! Those are some important things that I had saved from MacKenzie. So, I plan on bringing them in the house in about another month. They are just inside the door of the shed. I did some research on them as well, and they have released a lot more sets since MacKenzie was little. I sure am glad I saved as much stuff as I did.

Wayne keeps complaining that I have so much "stuff" - but I just keep telling him how much money I have saved. :)~ I am not sure that he is buying it, but I gonna keep selling it :)~

I think that Wayne and Sissy are having as much fun playing with the Legos as Gabe is :)~ They all built a "float" together after I put the camera away last night...well the older 2 did, then they didn't want Gabe to *wreck* it! LOL!!!

Gabriel Andrew
January 2008
10 months old

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

They call it puppy love!

These pics were taken on Monday after we came home from Gabe's dr appt. It was snowy, windy and cold here. Gingerbread was in the garage and Wayne decided to let her in.

She is usually very hyper whenever Gabe has been around her. So he wanted to see how she would react in a different environment.

She was incredibly calm; although all she wanted to do was lick Gabe. Poor little man probably had about 5 pounds of dog slobber :)~

He kept wanting to pet her, but we had a difficult time keeping her there.

You can see he really enjoyed her company. Everytime she walked away he would "call" for her by yelling :) Way too cute!

Wayne can hardly wait for Gabe to grow...he is envisioning these two being the best of buds!

I love these two, they both make my heart smile!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


My little man is almost 10 months old. I can hardly believe it. Time does fly. Anyhow...he was doing very well in eating baby food until he got the flu over Labor Day weekend. He threw-up repeatedly, and since then has not been interested in any type of baby food. I have tried and tried to no avail. He is finally starting to show some interest in people food. Whenever we ate, he would want some, but not like the taste. We have finally got him to try some more food, but only found a few things he likes. He LOVES yogurt, so that is for breakfast daily. His new fave is Tillamook Vanilla Bean.

We recently found out that he likes Cheerios as well. We tried them earlier, but all he did was gag. Well finally he can eat them, but I think he enjoys playing with them more to tell the truth!!!

His other favorite is Triscuit crackers. They are hard/thick enough that he can't chomp off a piece and choke.

The other day we had Chicken noodle soup for lunch (Progresso, yummy). He devoured the carrots. They tasted yummy to him, so I thought I had scored. The next night I steamed some baby carrots and cut them up. Do you think he wanted any? Heck no, they must have lacked the essential flavoring.

I give him celery to munch on, the coolness must feel good on his gums. A few days ago, I put some peanut butter on it, and he LOVED it! You should have seen the mess! But I just stuck him in the tub with Sissy!

I am not sure this little man will EVER get teeth. He has been teething for 3 months or so. His gums swell up, and then go down. And we have the attitude as well- CRANKY!!! I thought MacKenzie was a late teether at 7 or so months...but this is incredible!!! My friend's daughter didn't get teeth until 14 I just hope we are not in that boat! And to boot, little man has decided NOT to take any Tylenol and refused to drink from a bottle...lucky me :(- Actually, I like the nursing, but occassionally I do like to leave him for a few hours...Hopefully this is just a stage. Dr appt tomorrow to get second dose of flu shot and have a late 9 month check-up! Gotta go...laundry and feed the baby! Toodles!!!

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