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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This morning at 9, Wayne, Mac and I had an ultrasound appointment. I was pretty nervous/anxious. I just wanted to get there and find out that everything was ok. We got there and it was the same tech as last time...only this time she was much friendlier :) I told her we weren't sure if we wanted to know the sex. She said that was fine, she would stay away from "that" area. All was great, until she went to measure the legs. Well all of a sudden I saw something...I kept wondering to myself, "is that was I think it is?" So a few minutes later I asked the tech if she had seen what it was...and she replied, "possibly." Then she went back down to that area and was measuring the umbilical cord and making sure that the 3 vessels were working...that is when I said, "I think I already saw what it was, so now we want to know." She then told me to be careful because to the untrained eye diagnosing can be tricky. After all measurements were done (a few more minutes after I asked) she went back down to that area and said, "that's what we call the sign of the turtle." At fisrst I was like, what????!!!!! Then I realized it was because MacKenzie was in the room and she did not know what else to say! Then she clarified and said it was a boy...and showed a picture. She mentioned that the whole appointment "he" was showing his thing, and she was trying to keep the wand away because we did not give her the ok! LOL, after the "confirmation" baby boy Fessler was very happy to keep his legs out of the way and show off his glory! I felt SO BAD for MacKenzie. This whole time she has told everyone that she is having a sister, and that was her and Nana's guess. Well she just about cried when the tech said it was going to be a baby brother. Luckily, Nana was there and comforted her :) Had it not been for Nana to hold her, I really do think she would have cried...and I couldn't hold her because I was on the table :( My poor little Angel! We then told her that brothers are fun too. And someday he would be big enough for her 4-wheeler and then she could have a BIG one just for her. It sounded good at the time....but now it sounds like bribery! So I am sure some of the first words she speaks to him will be, "when are you going to be big enough to ride 4-wheelers!" Here are some pics, then I have to run and get Halloween costume stuff ready! Happy Halloween Everyone!

+++++UPDATE+++++ Blogger is not playing nice! I am unable to post pics for some reason! GRRR!

U/S Pics

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pumpkin Carving with the Family

Finished Project!! Front Row- L to R: Papa's, Wayne's, Mandy's // Back Row- L to R: Nana's and Girlfriend's...Boyfriend and Jeni took theirs home early before it was dark :(
Front Row- Left to Right: Jen's, Papa's, Wayne's // Back Row- Left to Right: Nana's, Mandy's, Alan's...Girlfriend wasn't done yet...
Girlfriend carved ALL of her own pumpkin this year!
Jeni, Alan, Dad.
Wayne, Jen, Mandy, Alan, Dad.

Wayne, Dad, Alan, Jen.

Salmon Fishing Coquille River 10/15/06 - 10/21/06

My dad, Mark, and his 26 inch 17 pound Salmon.

My brother, Alan, and his 36 inch 26 pound Chinook Salmon.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Life at 20 weeks

This is a baby in utero @ 20 weeks. No, it is not mine, just a photo I found online. I have an ultrasound on Halloween @ 9 am and then an OB appt @ 10 am. I am very excited :) But I seem to be having a problem...I did NOT want to know the sex of the baby- but now I am suffering from curiosity! LOL! My cousin Vanessa is 3 weeks ahead of me and recently had her u/s and found out she is having a boy :-) I now am very tempted...Wayne and I have been talking about it for a few days. But he is no help! He says he doesn't care. It would be nice to know, but also would be a nice surprise! Thanks!!! That's just what is going through my head too! At this point, I think we are going to stick with our original plans, and not find out. But we will have the tech print out a shot of the baby's sex and type on the screen whether it's a boy or a girl, and we will seal it in an envelope. Then I think because I will be SO TEMPTED, we will give the envelope to someone else to keep...or maybe Wayne will hide it from me- since I am SURE he will not be tempted like me :) Anyway...gotta run, lots of stuff to do today before we carve pumpkins! And eat a spiral ham...YUMMY! :)...................................

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

16 weeks 4 days

I had a dr. appt today @ 10 am. Nothing much new to report. No weight gain :o) BP was a little high, not sure why though? Baby's heartrate was 165. Took dr a bit to find it. I told her to try down in the right corner, where it was last time. She said the baby has grown and me too, so it should be somewhere else. After no luck, she went down to the right corner, and there it was! Had my blood drawn for a triple-screen test. This is a test where they check the hormone levels of 3 different ones, and if they are abnormal, it could indicate a birth defect...from there if we chose to, we could do an amnio to find out more. Hopefully things will be just fine and I will not have to worry. The test takes 1 week to get back, so I am sure I will be anxious until then. My next ultrasound is scheduled for 9 am on Halloween and then a 10 o'clock dr appt right after. Getting close to 1/2 way :o)

***oh, and I have come down with a cold...yeah it's so nice to be pg and not be able to take anything! I am taking chlortrimaton for relief of a stuffy, runny, itchy, and sneezy nose...and tylenol for an achy body :o(

Monday, October 02, 2006

That's What Friends Are For!

Lately, I have been feeling kinda down. There isn't any one thing, just a whole combo...and the pg hormones don't help! Anyway, I have been here on the farm and at the house, away from all other living creatures! I feel so secluded, but there is no time for others due to our schedule. Well, last week I needed some time with I made the time! Suzette had Thursday off of work and it just so happened that I HAD to go to Redmond to pay on our farm loan. So after going to Farm Credit Services, I met Suzette for lunch at Johnny Carino's. It wasn't the best food I've had (another story for another day) I know they have better...but it's the best company I've had in a LONG time! After lunch, we went over to Target. I decided to drive to Bend for lunch with Suz because I needed something at Target. Well, it ended up that Target did not have what I needed in the store, I need to order it from online! GRRR! I did not get anything from Target...wasn't really in the shopping mood. So by that time it was getting close to 3:00. So I said good bye...

When I originally met Suzette for lunch she had a sack for me. Well all of these really cute baby things were in the sack for me!! Aren't they so cute! Suzette had wanted to go shopping for some baby stuff...but I wasn't in the mood and I told her I wasn't wanting to buy anything just yet...didn't want to have some bad luck. So she went shopping at Carter's right before we had lunch! She is so sneaky! She knows I would not have let her buy anything if we had gone together! LOL! But I did love my surprise! They are so cute. I have had them hanging on my dresser drawer knobs so I can see them! Today I FINALLY found my camera so I could take a pic! Now they are going to be put away, where the dog can't rub on them and shed hair!
Anyway, just wanted to say thank you so much to Suzette! I really enjoyed your company, and I miss seeing you everyday like when we were in college. Thanks for the cute baby gifts...can't wait 'til baby is here and I can actually use them!

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