The Farmer Takes A Wife (this one)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hooky For Fish!

Today, my husband played hooky from farming to go fishing! And I guess it was his lucky day! His fish was 27", so not big enough to enter in the contest. However, it was big enough to make him happy. He and my Dad calculated that it took him 15 hours worth of fishing to get this. I don't even want to go into how much money they decided it cost! We may need him to quit playing "hooky" in order to continue to pay for these fishing trips! Ha ha!

University of Oregon Ducks

Go Ducks!

Mandy & Suzette 9/04

Football 4

The ducks lost this game...Grr!

Suzy Q

This morning I had a chance to catch up with my college pal, Suzette. She lives in Bend not far from me. Since graduation our time together has been very limited. We see eachother maybe once a month. Not near often enough when we were used to seeing eachother daily. I don't think either one of us would have graduated college w/o one another!
I am so thankful for her! She is a bright part of my life. On the pic she is the one with the biggest smile, wearing the spaghetti strap dress. She was part of my wedding on 12/10/05 and I am so thankful she was there with me to share the day and make new memories. Suz is one of the sweetest and most sincere persons I have ever known. She is a very selfless person, making sure others' needs are taken care of before her own. I am hoping now that things have settled down for her that she finds Mr. Right. Suz is in her mid 30's and has never been married! Can you believe that?! She is absolutely without a doubt beautiful both inside and out! So here's to hoping and praying that God knows what he is doing and will bring someone special into her life. She says she doesn't need kids, but I will argue! She is wonderful with her nieces and nephews, and I think she needs her own! I love you Suz!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Miss Mandy

My Kids

Until recently I was the "Head Teacher" of these wonderful children (most of them!).

Mom And Kids

It has been 2 weeks since I left my job, and I am missing these kids terribly. They have been visiting me in my sleep, oh what fun! Today I started filling out the paperwork for my criminal background check with the Oregon State Police and FBI. I still need to write a letter to the district's superintendent expressing why I would be an asset to the district. Then he in turn writes a letter on my behalf to the state asking them to approve my substitute teaching license- which is good for 3 school years. Being a sub teacher is a very scary thought! I am not sure if I would rather teach little ones (K-4) or high school. No thank you on junior high- that is an age I don't think anyone would want to do over again- let alone teach them! But for $140 a day, I may be able to be convinced- Maybe???

On another note, I spoke with my bestest friend in the entire world today. Best Friends 1
I missed her terribly, as we have not been speaking on a regular basis. I now feel terrible that I have not been there for her. Her life is falling to pieces and she told me today that she thinks she is having a nervous breakdown. Since she is an R.N.- BSN, I think she may actually know what she is talking about. I am very worried and cried on the phone with her for about an hour. Here I sit in Oregon and she in Missouri and I feel helpless, like my hands are tied. What can I do? I have been praying, praying, and more praying. I ask any of you that may read this blog to do the same. My friend is the mother of 2 beautiful children, ages 5 and 2 1/2. Mothering is taking it's toll on her during this stressful time. Her husband is not being supportive, in fact, I believe he is the source of the problem. But what can we do? We swear to God we will love them through thick and thin- that is where she is. She loves him, won't leave him, and will continue to take what he dishes out. Any advice I give her will not be taken until she is ready to do so. However, I fear that is never. Heavenly Father, I ask that you provide guidance and comfort to all involved in this time of need. In your son's name I pray. Amen.

My lovely daughter is away tonight spending the night at my other grandma's house with my cousins daughter. With her she took a suitcase full of Bratz dolls! I know what the two of them will be doing until midnight! So, I have the evening alone with my hubby! I need to get off this blog and go fix dinner. He pulled out pre-cut and pre-marinated chicken fajita meat from the freezer. So, now I am the lucky one to go fix dinner! Maybe he will do the cleanup? Probably, he is such a good husband!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sunsets and the Beach

Hawaiian Sunset - December 2005
Hmm, this sounds better than the often cold Oregon Coast!

Oregon Sunset

Bandon, Oregon @ sunset

This picture was taken when my husband, my daughter and I went to Coquille, OR over President's Day weekend. I love the sunset at the beach. Over this past weekend my daughter and I went down by ourselves to see my grandma and my aunt & uncle. It was beautiful down there; and felt like spring Gardening

compared to where we live!


We did not have time to go to the beach during our visit. However, we are going to make time the next trip (yes, I promise MacKenzie). I ran across this picture when I was downloading my camera card onto my computer tonight, and just thought I would post it because it's pretty and makes me feel warm right now!

My Dad, The Fisherman

The Great White Fisherman 3/28/06
My dad, Mark, and my husband, Wayne, are the great white fisherman. Fishing
All winter long the two of them have been working on getting my dad's new (old Seaswirl) boat into commission for fishing this spring. They entered themselves into a fishing contest at the local tavern/eatery The Round Butte Inn (owned by my parents' very good and dear friends Bill & Berdi Wachter) in Culver, OR; they each paid $5. Whomever catches the "biggest" (meaning longest) Bull Trout, wins the contest. These 2 grown men (and my other 2 uncles Rick and Ron) have been out in the worst weather trying their hardest to catch the "big one." Today 3/28/06 my dad went out, but my husband declined saying he had too much farming to do.
Well, after about 1:30 on the lake my dad caught this whopper! Now my hubby is kicking himself for not going! Ooops! See what happens when you are responsible?! This fish measured 28 1/2 inches and I am getting ready to print the picture (the one with the yard stick) to take in to the tavern. BTW, last year my Dad caught a 33 incher, but neglected to enter the contest, thinking someone else would catch a bigger one. Nope! Had he paid the $5 he would have been the "big winner!" So this year, he is sure someone has caught a bigger one! Oh well, there is always next year!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hi-Ho the Dairy-O The Farmer Takes A ...

The Farmer in the Dell, The Farmer in the Dell, Hi-Ho the Dairy-O, The Farmer in the Dell. The Farmer takes a wife, The Farmer takes a wife, Hi-Ho the Dairy-O, The Farmer takes a wife.

Bride & Groom
The Farmer takes a child, The Farmer takes a child, Hi-Ho the Dairy-O, The Farmer takes a child.

Laughing Baby
The Farmer takes a dog, The Farmer takes a dog, Hi-Ho the Dairy-O, The Farmer takes a dog.


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