The Farmer Takes A Wife (this one)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Potentially Good News

We got some potentially good news this morning- so today is off to a good start! MacKenzie is having a play date today. One of our friends lives in China year round. She has 3 children and they are all home visiting. Her middle daughter, Maya, is having a hard time. They have been in China about 3 years. She has middle child syndrome and doesn't really have any friends there. Anyway, we saw them last Sunday at Mayzie's 3rd b-day. Elly and I arranged to have our 2 girls get together a few times while they are here. So today Maya is coming over to swim, jump on the trampoline and whatever else those 2 think up! Then it's Mac's weekend to go w/ the Posey's (since she didn't go in June and was @ her Dad's for so long). They are over here at Lake Simtustus with their motor home and will be here to pick her up at 5. I totally forgot about it, good thing I checked my voice mail this morning, or I would have been wondering what they were doing here! So Wayne and I get the weekend to ourselves- but I know what we will be doing...working! YEEHAW! NOT!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Now that's a lot'a dirt!

Here are some pics of all the dirt we hauled in. This is 5 truckloads. The pool went in the middle, just in front of the stairs. BTW, those stairs were SO DANGEROUS that Wayne pulled them out with the tractor and chain. He drew up some plans to build a new set- but do you think he has had the time ;) LOL! I will have to get out there tomorrow and take some pics of the pool and the lawn that is growing. I would do it right now, but just getting Mac ready to go with my Dad (he should be here any minute) then I have to go down below to the other farm and run the combine. I am taking the camera with me, maybe I will get some good shots?!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Toy

Ok...I know I haven't posted for awhile, and probably about a month ago I talked about Wayne and I taking on a HUGE project. Well, we got that pool for MacKenzie (16 x 42). In order to set that up we brought in 6 truckloads of dirt. Then we had to level it...then we had to fertilize, then we had to plant grass seed (twice)...and ever since I have been watering the HECK out of it! I think we are going to have to plant yet MORE grass seed. Some of it did not come up worth a hill of beans! But what can you expect when you attempt to "do it yourself" and save money by NOT buying sod?! Anyway, DH has been talking about getting a riding lawn mower since the beginning of summer- but we never got around to it, since we have been so busy doing other stuff. Well today I was getting ready to go "push mow" the yard when he said to get him the phone number for Lowes in Bend. I was like "ok." Long story short...Lowes and Home Depot did not have the one in stock that we wanted, but the John Deere dealership here in town did. So we got the snowmobiles off the trailer and off to town I went to get this new baby. I got it home, Wayne unloaded it, and I haven't even got to touch it, let alone sit on it! Man you should have seen him! He was so cute, like a little kid in a candy store! He looked like a litte guy riding around on a go cart. This thing really hauls some bootie! It is 20 HP, and since we can't mow the new grass yet (too muddy and wet) the other part of the yard is really small! I think he had it done in like 5 minutes, but he kept riding it around! It was priceless, I wish I would have had my camera out!

Well, I must go to bed. I spent about 5 hours today on the combine. We now have the other one we bought 2 months ago all up and running (after we had to put about 4K in it...GRRR! It was supposed to be "ready to harvest" NOT) after Wayne and Roberto (hired man) put about 2 weeks worth of labor into it. So tonight Wayne said the routine is going to be for us (W & M) to run both combines in the late afternoon until about 8 pm. He estimates that we have about 2 more weeks worth of grass seed harvest. And then the first week of August we will start garlic harvest. And somewhere in the middle we will have to harvest the 2nd cutting of alfalfa. I need to find someone to watch Mac in the evenings while we harvest, so I will need to figure that out. I think I will ask my parents. Maybe my Dad will come out here and pick her up when he gets off work; then I will go get her when I am through for the night. Wayne has 2 more nights of getting up @ 12:30 am to finish swathing the grass seed. He has been doing that schedule (up @ 12:30 AM and works ALL day until 6 pm, then goes to bed at 7-8 to do all over again) for almost 3 weeks. He is such a hard worker, but I really worry about him. He doesn't eat well, doesn't drink enough water, won't take a break (or nap)- he works straight through. So I try the best I can to help him when I am able. My husband is SO AWESOME...he is an excellent provider and I am so thankful for all he does for our family! OK, I REALLY NEED TO GO! TOODLES!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today is a very special day, it would have been my grandpa's 81st birthday. My grandpa passed away almost 2 years ago, and there isn't a day that passes that I do not think about him and miss him so dearly. As I sit here typing, my eyes are overflowing with tears. My grandfather was one of the most important men in my life. He taught me many things in his time here on earth. This ME print says "A Man Among Men." This describes my grandfather. Although in the last few years of his life, sometimes (ok, often) he was unbearable to be around- but before then, he was so wondreful. He was a family man, and everything he did was to benefit his family. He loved my grandmother SO MUCH and he showed it daily. I know that there are not many men around any longer who are truly "gentlemen" like my grandpa was. He treated people with respect, and in return was given respect. I respect my grandpa, and always will. He gave me the courage to continue on and be somebody when I didn't think I could. He always had a kind word to say to boost me up. I really miss my grandpa- and I wish he were here right now so I could kiss his bald head and hold his enormous, yet comforting hand. May you rest in peace Grandpa!

I love you forever! Your Tuffer! XoXoXXXoooXXXX

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