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Friday, October 03, 2008

Jefferson County Fair

This year I FINALLY decided to enter some items in the fair. Each year I love to go through the buildings and see what everyone has been working on. And each year I always think, "my stuff is better than that!" So this year I took the plunge!

I got a fair booklet a month or so ahead of time so I would be able to thoroughly look at the categories and see what I already had, or could whip up in enough time for fair. Well let me tell you, there was no "whipping up" taking place!

I ended up entering 6 photos (mostly of my children & farm stuff), a porcelain doll I did in a 4-H class I took with my daughter, best friend & her daughters, and a wall hanging I had started working on years ago before my gma had her stroke and I completed a few years after she had her stroke. It has been put away because it gives me *emotions* to look at it. But I decided my gma would want me to take it out, enter it, and then hang it up to enjoy. Which is EXACTLY what I have done.

Well dang it! I have been sitting here trying to upload these pics...but blogger is having "iternal errors" so it won't allow me! I need to get ready to go to town anyway. Swim team and water aerobics begins at 6!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I am sure I no longer have a following here in blog-land. But I guess that is what happens when one takes a hiatus! What can I say? I am one busy mama with 2 darling kids and I live on a farm with a hubby who expects me to be his partner in farming :)~

So here is a quick update since I was last here in April...


We had a lot of activities this month. It seemed like a whole lot more was packed in than normal because it was the end of the season for a lot of things. Activities like CCD (Catholic Bible class), Swim team, ballet, 4-H after school activities (porcelain doll class) - just to name a few...the rest has escaped me! OOOO I almost forgot ! My very first (by blood) nephew was born! Welcome Trayton James aka TJ chunkarooney!


The 2nd wk was the last of school. We continued to do swim team through the end of the month. Mac worked on projects at home- continued reading! We went fishing and camping in our new camper (slides in pickup so we can still tow our boat) a few times. Pelton Lake/Dam is about 20 minutes from here, so made for a nice quick break from home! MacKenzie left @ the end of the month to Hawaii to visit her dad for about 5 weeks. 25Jun-30Jul. So Gabeman and I had to entertain ourselves!


This is the month that all of our harvest begins. First is grass seed harvest. We had considerably less acreage this year, so that was nice! July is also County Fair month. While I do not have children in 4-H livestock club, I do have a lot of nieces and nephews. This is my last free year though...MacKenzie will have a steer next year. We are getting ready to build shelter for it, as we will be getting it in the next month. And my very good friend Heather's oldest daughter, Chelsea, was a 1st timer with a steer. So we stayed @ the fairgrounds rv park next to eachother and I helped her out with her other 2 girls. Leah is Mac's BFF (9 also) and Matty is 3 1/2. And way too too sweet- but a HANDFUL! LOL...we had fun though!


Welcome home Mac! We sure did miss her! Gabe wasn't sure what to think of her though! He had so much time w/o her I am wondering if he forgot who she was! At this point we are just about done w/ grass harvest and getting ready to combine wheat. We had our own wheat to do as well as custom hire for 3 clients. My hubby works so hard to take care of us, and we are so blessed!


Because of some less than stellar weather, wheat harvest is still going on. However, ours was completed this was others' wheat and my hubby was happy that's the way it was :)~ School started the Wed after Labor day- along with ballet, swim team, CCD- you name it, we are there! LOL! Well, not quite, but it feels like it. We were not going to do swim team for this season, but the tap class Mac was gonna take did not pan out. She didn't like the instructors. So back to swim we went. And actually had I known that her Godmother, Kathleen, was not going to be her ballet teacher, she probably wouldn't be in ballet either! Oh well. I am thinking this is her last year...unless of course Kathleen is her teacher next year.

I know I have left events out

-camping @ Diamond Lake Resort (mosquitoes were so bad couldn't leave camper)
-camping @Pelton 3-4 times
-girls only shopping trip to PDX
-summer visit to aunnie pams (even made it to sunset beach to play)
-end of sep visit to aunnie pams (quick trip for crafts)
-field trip to High Desert Museum
-painted outside of house
-landscaped like there was NO TOMORROW~!

Ok, I must be going! Not that anyone is reading this anyway! I will try to post some pics and maybe get back to a regular contribution to blog-land!

**New Photos**

Gabe's booty after Gateway 4th July parade!

Grandkids earlier in the day @ Madras 4th July parade

Gabe & Trayton sharing a pillow during naptime!

Gabeman LOVES ice cream

Gabe loves TJ!

Bathtime in a basket in new camper!

Playing in sand @ Diamond Lake Resort...and later eating it :(~

Buds, Daddy & Gabeman
MacKenzie & Kathleen

MacKenzie & Leah recital 2008

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